Sunday, 27 September 2015

Saturday fun, Pret a Manger & Winter pillows

I love having Saturdays off. I love to potter around, in the hustle and bustle, eat lunch have coffee then chill.

We popped to the local garden centre in search of pretty candle holders for the wedding, unfortunately there was nothing we liked. However, they were starting to put their Christmas displays up! (gets excited)

It was a really beautiful day so we had lunch in Pret a Manger! I had Miso soup & some fresh grapes, Liam had a Brie, Bacon and pear baguette with crisps. After lunch we pottered around the shops, doing a bit of window shopping, but also purchasing a new Autumn pillow to add to my collection! It's from Matalan, I love it.

Over dinner we chatted weddings, 8 weeks to go, we think we may have conquered our seating plan! Words can't explain how great that feeling is!
Happy weekend!

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