Thursday, 3 September 2015

Breakfast, Rose tea & Chill day

Good morning,
It's few and far between that I have a day with no plans and no to-do list in site. I would usually be up, out of bed and at the gym but today I have given myself the day off. 
A day in comfy clothes, with plenty of books and of course plenty of tea.

The most important meal of the day
How do you like your eggs in the morning!?

This morning I had Eggs on toast, accompanied by some spinach! 

Now for some tea!

I chose some Rose Tea this morning from my lovely new teapot! Rose Tea is my favourite new find of this year! Its refreshing and full of flavour yet not to sweet! It also smells like sweet sweet roses! <3

Have a lovely day! Drink plenty of tea, its almost Friday!


  1. Snap! I've only just discovered Rose Tea too ☺


  2. Chill days are the best! <3 really want to try rose tea!! great post as always!!
    Chloe xx