Friday, 13 March 2015

Wedding Health kick

With our wedding looming, 255 days to be precise, Liam and I have been really focusing on our diet and fitness as we want to look our best for the big day. What seemed hard at the start, has actually become really easy as the pounds started dropping off us both. I strongly believe that when you have something to focus on, it becomes a LOT easier, so the wedding was a long awaited but great excuse for us to get healthy. 

As well as both being massive foodies,we both work in environments where bad food is easily accessible. Avoiding the birthday cakes brought in by co-workers (how is it someones birthday every week?),countless chocolates, biscuits and cakes brought in by the ladies on the ward, we knew it wasn't going to be easy. For over three weeks I have resisted grabbing the chocolate fix you 'need' nearing the end of the twelve and a half hour shift, I've resisted the chocolate Thank you boxes, the biscuits on my tea break and Liam has resisted all birthday cake treats at work and boy don't we feel better for it.

Even just grabbing some fruit or cereal bar, swapping my cup of tea and biscuits for fruit, green tea or water we are already both reaping the benefits. I'm going to start documenting our healthy meal alternatives, our snacks that keep us at bay of the bad temptations, and how we treat ourselves when cheat day does come. 

I'd love any feedback, help or advice on getting healthy and clean, no fad diets please :)

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