Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We went to Disneyland...They made it snow!!

Every child should get to visit Disneyland. Having been to Florida, I was apprehensive that Disneyland Paris wouldn't match my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised!!
For me, Disneyland Paris was just as magical and special, even at 22, I couldn't fault the attention to detail around the park. We were lucky to visit in early December so the park was not only filled with its usual magic, but also Christmas magic. The park was decorated from head to toe in Christmas decor, wreaths, baubles, lights and even snow! After visiting at Christmas I wouldn't visit any other time of year! It got me so excited for Christmas and I was able to buy a few Christmas gifts for family and friends as well as some Christmas decorations for our house.

I was also really lucky to spend the trip with two of my lovely cousins, also massive Disney enthusiasts, so I could go as OTT as I wanted and neither them or the little kids would judge me :) We wore Disney Minnie mouse sparkly ears the whole 4 days, although they looked amazing, they did hurt! Be warned, I think I still have bruises behind my ears now!

We stayed at Disney's Sequoia Lodge just a few minutes walk from the park. Its log cabin effect was perfect for this time of year, its cosy open fires and sparkly Christmas lights made it the perfect place to stay. Its Bambi wallpaper in the rooms finished it off perfectly, in our opinion:) Having stayed at one of the Disney hotels, we were able to get into the Disneyland Park early which was great for photos and to get in the queues to meet the Characters, it also meant we had a free shuttle bus in and out of the park every day, however, we chose to walk through the Disney village back to our hotel most days which was only about a 10 minute walk, it also meant we could pop into the Disney shops every day.
Walking down main street up to the Disney Princess Castle is one of the most amazing feelings ever, whatever age you are, Disney fan or not, if you don't shed a tear i would be surprised. The Disney Christmas dreams firework display , also another tear jerker, was phenomenal and I honestly could have watched it every night. I would highly recommend a visit to Disneyland Paris, even if you have been to Florida, you would not be disappointed!

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